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TheBizGen in Action Case Study 2: Healthcare SaaS Product

In today’s age, digital identity plays a vital role in interacting with the primary and sub-primary target group.

One such channel is LinkedIn, which has become a social status for the working class community. Be it B2B or B2C, bringing relevance to reach the target group is critical and LinkedIn puts high quality data at fingertips. Once the acquisition is automated the communication can be streamlined to improve the quality using Drip marketing.

The company approached Our team to propose a solution that will help acquire warm leads in the market. Healthcare being a complicated subject in Australia and New Zealand there needs to be a sustainable long term strategic approach. The TG includes CRO, Doctors, Admin, Govt officials, etc.,

Singapore based Healthcare software company is looking to increase its foot print in Australia and New Zealand and wanted to acquire hospitals for their new revolutionary product. They have a strong sales team but unable to get the productive use of their time due to the lack of qualified leads.

What we did

Using TheBizGen, the team trained the bots to identify the right target group of customers.

Once the workflow is set and the hygiene check is complete, the bots started producing results using automated lead generation process. The identified leads are tagged under specific buckets and TheBizGen team pulled the leads to the Social CRM. The team installed the social CRM with lead scoring system to mature the prospects before passing on to the sales team.

The bot was able to strike up conversations with prospects, personalize the conversation and interact with them without any time delay.

A stage gate process was adopted and at every stage & important KPI metrics were defined to evaluate before proceeding with the next plan of action. Some of the KPI’s include: no. of connections established, no. of 1st level engagement, workflow setup, no. of conversations, demo interests, etc.,

Although the team generated the leads from 15 days of implementation, the entire process took about 45 days to stabilize.

Once the stability is brought in, the same procedure was used for multiple buyer persona as parallel streams and resulting in multiplication of quality leads as the company’s sales team optimally interacted only with the responsive prospects.

End Results

Week 1, the team was able to build a credible profile and maintained the communication in streamlines across the channels. The buyer persona is composed and the target group of customers are identified. The bot was activated to start the workflow of outreach communication. Since the addressable target was small for these markets, we created multiple tactical context to reach the TG rather than one size fits all.

Our team helped the company build a qualified list of audience, composed case studies and newsletters to reach them and engaged them in multiple ways using a proper drip marketing flow. In 100 days the team reached and connected with over 640 prospects and generated 82 responsive conversations, which is a jump of 96% from the organization’s lead pipeline.

The results were studied carefully to improve the quality of the conversations and 2nd additional bot has been deployed for another set of TG. Client when approached by the sales team post conversation was prepared on the subject of discussion and this process ensured the sales resources calendar is booked.


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